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Susana Chicas is the law firm's Case Manager. Ms. Chicas is currently in college working towards her Bachelors in Criminal Justice. She comes from a very humble background. Both her parents were born in El Salvador, and she is the first generation U.S. Citizen. This factor alone makes her have a huge connection and a passion for Immigration Law, since she has been able to experience from childhood the procedures those close to her have experienced so as to receive an Immigration benefit. She understands how difficult this procedures can get without the right knowledge or the right representation. Ever since she was 16, Ms. Chicas experienced up close and unrevealed the mystery of how this big Immigration system works. She started to be more aware of the struggle most Immigrants face, the big dreams every individual has and the faith they put on a country for a promising better tomorrow. This just made her more determined to get a higher education and one day be able to fully help people from other countries receive an Immigration benefit in order to really enjoy and expand their full potential in the United States. Ms. Chicas loves listening to people’s stories, being able to learn and get advices for the future. Ms. Chicas is wise, honest, lovely, and promising young individual. Ms. Chicas strongly believes in giving more than one hundred percent, and won’t give it up until she achieves the goals.